Growth Peak Merchant, a division of Growth Peak (Pty) Ltd, is a merchant of iKhokha. We facilitate iKhokha card machine sales for our clients with a R250 discount on any card machine they order. We empower SMMEs to have the power of instant payments on their hands so that they don’t lose out on unexpected sales.

Who is iKhokha?

iKhokha is a co-founder led business that believes that every South African entrepreneur should be given the opportunity to compete in the digital economy.  The company sells different card machines. For more information, visit iKhokha.com.

Why use a Card Machine to accept payments?

On average, small business sales increase by 40% with a card machine. In certain industries with higher-priced items, this number can be over 100%. When a person can’t swipe at your shop, you lose that sale to someone else.

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